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A few times per year, volunteers will get together to work on the exhibit trees with Kathy Shaner,  international Bonsai master extraordinaire, that will lead the group with any styling or maintenance needed for the trees.

TTSBE Foster Day at Lakeview Bonsai (5-31-2015)

May 31, 2015
Once again volunteers gathered at Lakeview Bonsai to work on the exhibit trees on a gorgeous morning. After all the rain we had, the trees are growing happily and very much appreciate a nice trim. Removing leaves on the Cedar Elm donated by Greg Setter. Trimming the Ashe Juniper donated by Dr. Bill Cody. Another Ashe Juniper donated by Dr. Bill C...
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TTSBE Foster Day at MBP Bonsai Studio (5-3-2015)

May 03, 2015
The weather was perfect for our volunteers to work on the TTSBE trees at MBP Bonsai Studio. They gathered bright and early to start trimming the cedar elm to the left of the entrance. This group of cedar elms are so tall that our volunteer needs to stand on top of the table to trim the top branches! To cut or not to cut?? Hmm... The two...
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TTSBE Site Inspection Day (1-25-2015)

January 25, 2015
It was a beautiful day for our volunteers to visit and walk down to the future bonsai exhibit area at Zilker Park today. Proposed entrance of TTSBE site Left side of the proposed entrance Right side of the proposed entrance Path leading to the back entrance Looking back into the Taniguchi Garden Back entrance for loading and unloa...
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TTSBE Foster Day At Persimmon Hill (Day 2 of 2)(1-24-2015)

January 24, 2015
Day 2 at Persimmon Hill Bonsai: Volunteers continued to work on Audrey's Chinese quince by putting a reinforcing bar in the back of the tree to aid in bending the new apex upwards. More repotting and root works were done to two other exhibit trees and some more of Audrey's trees. Putting a rebar on the back of the tree. Inserting the rebar in...
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TTSBE Foster Day At Persimmon Hill (Day 1 of 2)(1-23-2015)

January 22, 2015
A great big thank you to our visiting artist, Kathy Shaner, for coming to Texas every year to work with our volunteers to improve on the exhibit trees. Audrey is a long time member of the Austin Bonsai Society and some of her trees are in the temporary care of Terry Ward at Persimmon Hill Bonsai. Kathy evaluating a Chinese quince that belongs to...
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