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A few times per year, volunteers will get together to work on the exhibit trees with Kathy Shaner,  international Bonsai master extraordinaire, that will lead the group with any styling or maintenance needed for the trees.

TTSBE Tropical Foster Care Day (07-03-2016)

July 03, 2016
After about a month of resting beneath the oak trees, the tropicals are ready to be repotted. Our hard-at-work volunteer mixed pine bark with our soil mix to get ready for the event. Preparing bonsai pots for the trees. Transporting the trees to our working area. We had to cut around the pot to get the tree out. Washing the old soil awa...
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TTSBE Board Meeting (06-12-2016)

June 12, 2016
We found out that the deer have been helping us with trimming the tropical bonsai from our donation last month. They have very particular diets because they only munch on narrow leaf ficus and nothing else. So the board decided to meet and built a barrier fence. Luckily it is summer and these trees will grow back their leaves in a few weeks....
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TTSBE Board Meeting (05-07-2016)

May 07, 2016
It is time for our ficus to come out from the green house! What a nice day to do some trimming and fertilizing on our bonsai trees! Thanks to Mike and Candy Hansen, we got to sample different flavored M&M's during our board meeting. Which one is your favorite?
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Testing our watering system.

May 03, 2016
Four new trees were brought to our pilot site to test our new watering system. Updates: More than a month has gone by and our watering system seems to be holding up great. Many thanks to our volunteers for signing up to go check on the trees daily.
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Andy Graham Tree donation

May 01, 2016
A group of four volunteers, including Joey, drove down to South Texas to bring back some bonsai trees donated by Andy Graham. "It has been a long weekend, but also a fun one spent with good bonsai friends. I'd like to thank everyone for the gift of their time and hard work. The effort we put into the Exhibit is a collaborative one, and each person...
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TTSBE Foster Day at Persimmon Hill 04-13-2016

April 13, 2016
We started day two of Foster Day by evaluating and pricing some donated bonsai in our collection. Another one of the donated trees. Volunteers always learn a lot just by listening to Kathy's recommendations. Lots of hands-on experience. More trimming. This Trident Maple had a leaf fungus that Kathy wanted to eradicate. She gave a volun...
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