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A few times per year, volunteers will get together to work on the exhibit trees with Kathy Shaner,  international Bonsai master extraordinaire, that will lead the group with any styling or maintenance needed for the trees.

Soil sieving day 12-13-2105

December 13, 2015
Repotting season will be here sooner than we think so we want to get all our soil mix ready. Although it started as a drizzly morning, the light rain stopped late morning and we were able to get out there to prepare the soil. As we walked down the trail, we were greeted by this beautiful maple in its fall color. Another magnificent Ginkgo tree....
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TTSBE Board Meeting

December 06, 2015
What a treat to see this flowering Camellia when we gathered for our TTSBE Board meeting in December. Front view: - Of course I want to capture this and update our photo gallery on the website. Once again you see our human background holders hard at work... Some close ups of the flowers.
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Austin-Oita Sister City 25th Anniversary Celebration

November 14, 2015
Volunteers put in many hours to make hosting the delegation from Austin's sister city Oita, Japan at Zilker Botanical Garden a reality. The room was beautifully decorated with a Mexican theme. A final wiping of the pot to make a perfect display. The Texas State Bonsai Exhibit had two display tables set up in the banquet room. The Texas Li...
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TTSBE Foster Day at Lakeview Bonsai (10-20-2015)

October 20, 2015
Another beautiful morning with Kathy Shaner at Lakeview Bonsai. She started this morning with examining the health of the Brazilian Raintree in the green house. As a photographer who is addicted to taking pictures, I had to capture this serene moment. Our volunteers gathered around to listen to Kathy. Getting the newly donated elm from Dr. Do...
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TTSBE Foster Day at Persimmon Hill (10-19-2015)

October 19, 2015
TTSBE welcomes Kathy Shaner to our annual Foster Days in which volunteers get together to work on exhibit trees under Kathy's guidance. We were fortunate to have two beautiful days with very nice weather. Here you can see Kathy Shaner contemplating on where to put the steel rebar. The rebar will be attached to bend the top of this live oak back...
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TTSBE Foster Day at Persimmon Hill (6-21-2015)

June 21, 2015
Recently, it's been raining a lot here in Austin. Since it is not too easy to gather all our volunteers, we decided to go ahead with the plan to meet at Persimmon Hill to work on and take pictures of all TTSBE trees. It started raining when we were half way there and I am glad I brought along a few studio lights. With the help of all our wonderful...
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