To expand awareness of the bonsai art by creating and maintaining a permanent exhibit for care and public display of outstanding bonsai from Texas artists and others.

To preserve the artistic “heritage trees” developed in this bonsai community.

To stimulate enthusiasm for bonsai by providing accurate information and instruction in the bonsai art for children and adults.



Establish a permanent world class bonsai exhibit in Texas.


Exhibit Highlights

What is there about a bonsai tree that attracts so much attention? Is it seeing the beauty of a living tree in its container looking every bit as old and majestic at its counterpart in the natural landscape but one-tenth the size or less? Is the mystery of its very existence wrapped in some expectation of an ancient oriental tale? Or, is it the peace that one feels when in its presence?

These questions have been pondered for more that one thousand-two hundred years of recorded history. Bonsai were first revered by the ancient Chinese and about one thousand years ago the practice of growing these miniature trees arrived in Japan. These questions imparted great value to Bonsai. In the early history of bonsai in Japan, only the wealthy and powerful were allowed to own and care for these very special trees. Throughout the centuries bonsai have been an integral part of the Chinese and Japanese cultures but in the modern era the love of bonsai has spread to just about every country around the globe.

In all of its unique beauty, bonsai is alive and well in Texas. Nearly every major city in the state has an active bonsai community, rich with culture and enthusiasm. The state organization LSBF partners with a different club each year for a state convention, gathering bonsai, vendors and enthusiasts from around the region.  The curiosity, awe, and quiet peace are evidenced in the questions and comments of nearly every visitor to the show.

Sharing the beauty and utter enjoyment of bonsai has been a proudly held tradition of bonsai artists and hobbyists everywhere. Inspired and encouraged by the unfailing and positive response to the annual state conventions and local shows and at other permanent exhibits such as in Washington, D.C. and in the GSBF exhibits in California, several dedicated bonsai hobbyists have set forth an ambitious plan to create a permanent collection of bonsai for public enjoyment here. This permanent display garden of bonsai will be The Texas State Bonsai Exhibit.

Bonsai, although long lived under skilled care, are subject to some of the ravages of nature and the occasional thief in the night. For this reason a protected place that can be secured is necessary. This place should also be in a setting befitting the beauty of bonsai and it should be accessible to all who wish to see.

We have pursued many different sites, all with problems and pitfalls and have realized that the best location for the Exhibit is within the gated grounds of the Zilker Botanical Gardens in the heart of Austin.  There is approximately 3 acres of undeveloped space right next to the Isamu Taniguchi Japanese Gardens, and have plans for a winding stroll garden with bonsai, a docent building, storage building, & large greenhouse.  We have the support of the ZBG Conservancy, the Austin Area Garden Clubs, several City Council members, the City Manager and much of the Parks & Rec department.  We are currently working with Evan Taniguchi (Isamu Taniguchi's grandson) and his design firm to make sure all plans meet design standards and are in the long process of securing proper approval to build in this city park.  This project needs your help to build this very special exhibit that will be an asset to the State of Texas. This will be an exhibit of broad interest and a legacy of Texas Bonsai.

Your donation will be gratefully acknowledged. Also, as a non-profit corporation, chartered under IRS 501C3 rules, your donation may be tax deductible. All of the funds raised will be used in the construction of the exhibit. Each of the officers and Directors of The Texas State Bonsai Exhibit, Inc. are volunteers and serve without payment.

We need support from individuals and businesses such as you to make this place of sharing and inspiration a reality. May we count on your help?


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