Soil sieving day 12-13-2105

December 13, 2015

Repotting season will be here sooner than we think so we want to get all our soil mix ready.  Although it started as a drizzly morning, the light rain stopped late morning and we were able to get out there to prepare the soil.  As we walked down the trail, we were greeted by this beautiful maple in its fall color.

Another magnificent Ginkgo tree.

Our friend started by doing a yoga pose - downward facing dog.

Preparing and sieving the lava rocks.

Sieving pine bark.

Our furry friend kept us company.

Equal parts of lava and pine bark mixed together with a sprinkle of fertilizer.  

The soil mixture is then stored in bins for our trees to use.

Ending this blog post with a fun picture of a dog that looks like a duck in his favorite spot.