TTSBE Board Meeting (08-14-2016)

August 14, 2016

Great news! Our future TTSBE bonsai exhibit at Zilker Botanical Garden is moving along quite nicely.  With the support of the newly established Conservancy (a non-profit group which works closely with the City of Austin and PARD to oversee and coordinate the Zilker Park development), we are asked to provide a unified design of the buildings.  Numerous sub-committee meetings were needed to finalize the master plan and create a 3D rendering for presentation and fund raising.

We spent the morning before the meeting to repot a few of our donated tropicals.

The recent rain together with the hard work of our caretaker brought you these beautiful blooms on this bougainvillea, 'Pink Pixie'.

Since we have limited green house space, we will be selling this beautiful ficus.  If you are interested, please notify us as soon as possible.  Specimen this size is truly impressive.

To provide some guidance in the size of this particular Ficus, we need to borrow one of our volunteers.

A volunteer busy mixing bonsai soil for the tropicals.

Purple bloom on this bougainvillea.

Bonsai artists at work.

Need to reduce the roots during repotting.

Another healthy ficus.  You can see some mycorrhizae in the roots.  Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic fungus that helps the plants absorb nutrients.

A closer look.

Contemplating the size of the pot to use.

More repotting and trimming.

Watering afterwards.

We were very fortunate to have finished repotting before the rain.

Thanks to our observant bonsai caretaker, we have another picture to share with you!