TTSBE Tropical Foster Care Day (07-03-2016)

July 03, 2016

After about a month of resting beneath the oak trees, the tropicals are ready to be repotted.  Our hard-at-work volunteer mixed pine bark with our soil mix to get ready for the event.

Preparing bonsai pots for the trees.

Transporting the trees to our working area.

We had to cut around the pot to get the tree out.

Washing the old soil away.

On a previous blog post, we mentioned that some deer had been munching on our narrow leaf ficus.  After a month of rest, all of these trees have new leaves and are looking better then before.  Maybe deer know how to do bonsai after all.

Here we can see a volunteer repotting a Campeche logwood donated to us by Dario Octaviano.

Some insecticide chalk lines were drawn to prevent ant damage.

Our strong volunteer carrying a narrow leaf ficus forest donated by the estate of Dr. Donald Green.  It is ready to go into a fresh bonsai container.

Old soil was removed and roots were trimmed.

More repotting work.

Our bonsai friend was there to cheer us on.

Look at the flowers on this buttonwood! They sure look pretty.

These newly repotted trees get their water and will be put back into the grow area.

A big thank you to all our volunteers for repotted 15 bonsai that day!

We tend to come across a different insect every time we gather.  This time, we will end this blog post by showing you a picture of a cute tarantula that we found inside one of the soil containers.