TTSBE Board Meeting (06-12-2016)

June 12, 2016

We found out that the deer have been helping us with trimming the tropical bonsai from our donation last month.  They have very particular diets because they only munch on narrow leaf ficus and nothing else.  So the board decided to meet and built a barrier fence.

Luckily it is summer and these trees will grow back their leaves in a few weeks.

After pounding for a while, we found that there was not enough dirt to put up fence posts.

One of our board members suggested that we could use some of our existing trash cans with soil in them to act as temporary fence posts.

Our volunteers load up the truck to transport the heavy trash cans.

Our cheerful driver.

Unloading at the site.

The make shift fence area finished.

We always enjoy seeing our furry friend.

Final checking on the trees before leaving.

Further trimming on some tall ficus.

We were lucky enough to meet this little critter in the afternoon.  Until next time...