TTSBE Board Meeting (08-07-2016)

August 07, 2016

Prior to our board meeting, we checked on our collection trees and removed some wires on a few trees.

This Chinese Quince was donated to us by Audrey Lanier and took Kathy Shaner a few hours to wire the whole tree.  It looked absolutely magnificent from this angle!

A close up of the detailed wiring.

I love this picture of our volunteer admiring the tree.

Removing wires from a maple.

Before removing wires from this live oak.

All these wires need to come off.

Starting to clip off the thick wires.

After all the wires were removed.

We rotated the tree 180 degrees so that the other side could get enough sun too.

Since we did not see a critter this time, we will end with a picture of our furry friend.