TTSBE Foster Day at Lakeview Bonsai (10-20-2015)

October 20, 2015

Another beautiful morning with Kathy Shaner at Lakeview Bonsai.  She started this morning with examining the health of the Brazilian Raintree in the green house.  As a photographer who is addicted to taking pictures, I had to capture this serene moment.

Brazilian Rain TreeBrazilian Rain TreeKathy Shaner

Our volunteers gathered around to listen to Kathy.

Getting the newly donated elm from Dr. Donald Green's estate for Kathy to look at.

Examining the progress of some work that we did a few months ago on this cedar elm.

Trimming the cedar elm.

Ideas as to the future styling direction of this logwood were discussed.

A sketch made by our talented artist.

We then focused on the trees that were recently donated by Dr. Donald Green's estate.  The following are the before pictures of each tree.

An Elm.

A weeping cypress.

A bald cypress.

A narrow leaf ficus.

My human background stand.

What one would do to get a good picture.

One photographer taking a picture of another photographer taking a picture...

Kathy said to this weeping cypress, " Weep no more!"

The tree and it's newly adopted parent.

The bald cypress got some work done on it also.  Some dead wood was reduced and the bark was removed and saved for future use if necessary.

An oval pot was chosen for next year's repotting season.

My team of background holders.

This picture shows the new potting angle.

 ​ Bald Cypress donated by Graham estateBald Cypress donated by Graham estateApproximate planting angle for repotting next spring

The proposed pot for next repotting season.

It took a team of four people to thin out this narrow leaf ficus.


All ready to grow again.

We will end this blog post by viewing a few more sketches made by our artist.