TTSBE Foster Day at Lakeview Bonsai (5-31-2015)

May 31, 2015

Once again volunteers gathered at Lakeview Bonsai to work on the exhibit trees on a gorgeous morning.  After all the rain we had, the trees are growing happily and very much appreciate a nice trim.  

Removing leaves on the Cedar Elm donated by Greg Setter. Trimming the Ashe Juniper donated by Dr. Bill Cody.
Another Ashe Juniper donated by Dr. Bill Cody.

The Brazilian Rain Tree donated by Steven Hendricks. The Cedar Elm donated by Rev. Neal Hern.

Our volunteer doing his magic.  A contraption was built to direct the apex of the tree upwards. Bonsai Artists are very creative.  Bamboo, chopsticks, a wine cork, and some wires were used to move the left branch. Evaluating the health of a tree. To end this blog post, here is a picture of a tiny praying mantis that happened to stroll by on an exhibit tree.