TTSBE Foster Day at MBP Bonsai Studio (5-3-2015)

May 03, 2015

The weather was perfect for our volunteers to work on the TTSBE trees at MBP Bonsai Studio.   They gathered bright and early to start trimming the cedar elm to the left of the entrance.

This group of cedar elms are so tall that our volunteer needs to stand on top of the table to trim the top branches!

To cut or not to cut?? Hmm...

The two ficus trees were also moved from the green house to the outside nursery garden.

This narrow leaf ficus barely fits through the door of the green house!  

Mike sawing off a dead branch.

On the left is the Ficus Macrocarpa (Chinese Banyan) and to the right is the Ficus Salicaria (Narrow Leaf) with a slight trim and all ready to grow again.

The Ulmus Crassifolia (Cedar Elm) #11 has its bi-annual trim and it is looking good!  A big thank you to all our wonderful volunteers for coming out to help today!