Pilot Display installation at Zilker Botanical Garden, part 2 (2-28-2016)

February 28, 2016

Volunteers gather at Zilker Botanical Garden once again to get ready for the installation.

A lot of measuring and pounding to make sure that the stakes are in the correct places.

A little raking done to get the fencing to go flush against the ground.

A perfect time to show off some bonsai wiring skills.

Starting to lay down the fencing wires.

Reed fencing waiting its turn.

More people means more fun and the possibility of getting done faster?!

Securing the reed fence to the wire fence.

Good friends = good times.

Cutting bamboo to fit and cover up the green poles.

As we work, some visitors were very interested in our project and lingered to talk to us.

Installation of the gate.

The gate and poles were spray painted to better match the surroundings.

Final clean up for the day.

Back view.  We still need to come back and put more bamboo trimmings.

Front view. April will soon be upon us, as will the trees upon their stands. Stay tuned!