TTSBE Foster Day at Persimmon Hill (2-21-2016)

February 21, 2016

Spring is early this year and some TTSBE trees are due for repotting!  We have our regular volunteers and some new friends joining us at Persimmon Hill to do some root-pruning and repotting.

There are different goals to root-pruning.  Some trees have been living in their pots for a while and their roots have outgrown the pots so eventually the overall health of the trees will deteriorate.  Other trees could have been collected and have never been in a bonsai pot so their roots need to be pruned to fit into the pot.  Some good examples are the juniper and the oak tree as seen in the following pictures.

Everyone busy at work.

New volunteers are always welcome.  They get to work on several maple trees this time.

Volunteering for TTSBE events provide great learning opportunities.

Another maple tree repotted.

Taking the tree out of its pot and combing out its root system. 

Putting new soil into the pot so the tree can grow again.

Trimming some branches off on the left.

Branches are checked and extra ones trimmed.

Removing a thick branch.

Making sure all the wires are in the correct place before putting the tree in its pot.

Trimming the roots so the tree has more room to grow.

The juniper out of its nursery pot...

and into a bonsai pot!!

The live oak in its pot.

Of course, we have to include a picture of our furry friend.

Some TTSBE trees anxiously waiting to be seen at Zilker Botanical Garden.