Andy Graham Tree donation

May 01, 2016

A group of four volunteers, including Joey, drove down to South Texas to bring back some bonsai trees donated by Andy Graham.

"It has been a long weekend, but also a fun one spent with good bonsai friends.  I'd like to thank everyone for the gift of their time and hard work.  The effort we put into the Exhibit is a collaborative one, and each person helps to make everything go so smooth.  We spent an entire day loading and driving, and the next day unloading & sorting with some repotting and trimming both at Lakeview and later at MBP.  Thank you everyone for all the energy.  A BIG thank you to Andy for donating these wonderful trees to TTSBE and helping our Exhibit! "  -  Joey

They started driving really early in the morning...

After the long drive, the whole car was covered with bugs.

They finally arrived at Andy's place.

Look at the size of that Narrow Leaf Ficus in front!

Taking a rest before getting ready to load up the truck.

Two in and a lot more to move.

Had to cut this one down quite a bit to fit into the truck.

The next day.


After the trees were unloaded, we then proceed to number and take pictures for our database.  A small number were repotted and trimmed.  The following pictures showed just a few of these magnificent trees.

One of our volunteers was kind enough to stay late to trim and repot.

There is still a lot of work to be done but right now, these bonsai just need to rest under the oak trees to recover from the long drive.