TTSBE Foster Day at Persimmon Hill 04-13-2016

April 13, 2016

We started day two of Foster Day by evaluating and pricing some donated bonsai in our collection.

Another one of the donated trees.

Volunteers always learn a lot just by listening to Kathy's recommendations.

Lots of hands-on experience.

More trimming.

This Trident Maple had a leaf fungus that Kathy wanted to eradicate.  She gave a volunteer instructions to cut off all the infected leaves and had him spray the tree with a fungicide.

Before spraying and trimming.

After spraying and trimming.

Volunteers took turn cutting off the leaves.

This close-up look shows that we cut the leaves off very close to the branches.  By doing it this way, the very end of the stems will fall off faster and buds will come out quicker in the spring.  During autumn, we will leave longer leaf stems so they will take more time to fall off, thus delaying bud growth.

Another view.

We took some time off looking at some stones that our volunteer brought to us.

Of course our bonsai buddy is keeping us company.

This volunteer did a really nice job wiring the tree.

Kathy working on a Cedar Elm.

Kathy looking at a Live Oak.

Observing the health of this pine tree.

We will end this blog post with a picture of a tiny critter.  Its color blended right in with the stem of the maple!!